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Mudd Lapooh
Mudd Lapooh
"That idiotic Flywish." he quotes.
Vital statistics
Title The Insane
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Arctic Wolves
Health Insane
Level 50
Status Performing another blunder.
Location Stuck in a toilet.
Occupation Member of the Arctic Wolves
Catchphrase "That idiotic Flywish! &^%^$^*%R*$%#&^$%$%R-" he then passes out.
Interests Becoming Famous.
Friends Arctic Wolves
Enemies Flywish's Army
Archetype Neutral

Mudd Lapooh is a member of the Lapooh Family that hates Flywish's Army and is a member of the Arctic Wolves.


He was born during midnight by Agetha Lapooh and Ludd Lapooh. From an early age he was friends with Metalmanager, and played with him whenever he could.

However, his parents decided that he must be careful after he tried playing with Serious Cat, who brainwashed him into getting a lower IQ. His family rushed him to the doctor, but he told them that he could not undo the brainwashing.

Meanwhile, Mudd decided to join the Arctic Wolves, but failed all the tests instantly. Even the Arctic Wolves could not let such a misfit join, and they kicked him out.

However, he kept on trying and eventually got into the army.


Mudd Lapooh is mean and grouchy after his experience with Serious Cat. His IQ has also been lowered to 60.


Mudd Lapooh spends most of his time performing blunders. When he is not doing that, he is in a hospital undergoing therapy for heavily brainwashed puffles.

Most think that he is weird, and even the Arctic Wolves consider him a joke.

His Top Ten Blunders[]

  1. Falling into his own trap
  2. Blowing up the Arctic Wolves only weapons in a training session.
  3. Delivering Spam Bombs (for Flywish) to his own address.
  4. Making a exploding sandwich for Flywish and giving it to Metalmanager by accident instead.
  5. Chewing on a Ditto container.
  6. Putting on Brain Soap whenever he has a shower.
  7. Getting himself stuck inside a hollow time bomb.
  8. Eating a Judgy in front of the South Pole Council.
  9. Biting a OxiPie after some beans.
  10. Whistling Flywish's theme song while working.


  • It is said that if he even recovers, he will not remember anything about the Arctic Wolves and will like Flywish.
  • His family considers him a disgrace.
  • Rumor has it that he really adopted and that this fact was kept from his brothers and sisters.
    • This would support his un Lapooh-like behavior and looks, some even say that he is a Von Injoface.

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