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Mt. Mountain
The Mountain as seen from Mountain Island
No map available.
Plan of the mountain.
Vital statistics
Type Mountain
Level 39,5
Location Mountain Island
Inhabitants Offically, none.
De facto: Unknown

Mt.Mountain is one of the highest mountains in the USA. It is located on Mountain Island. Its highest point is 3076 metres over the level of the sea. The peak was never stepped on by a penguin. It is a lone mountain, which looks very unusual in the panorama of New North Etana. It is even seen from Inland in the summer, but in winter, the visibility is limited to Wentley and New West City. The mountain's area is thought to be uninhabited, but it has never been confirmed. Explorers are being sent to explore the mountain's inside.

The "inside"[]

In late April, 2009 a group of young student penguins studying various subjects, wanted to explore the mountain in order to have a more interesting topic for their tests. They set up a camp 50 meteres away from it. One penguin went to look for some fruit, growing in the forest next to the mountain. He disappeared. Three hours ago, his mates started worrying about him. At this time, NNE still wasn't formed, so the area didn't have any sights of civilisation. They had to look for him. They found a strange cave, which looked like an entrance to a larger dungeon. They called the PSA, and later the Isle Agency. For such a discovery, they graduated from the Penguin State University with A grades, and they could think of a name for this mountain and the island. They didn't give a name fopr the place, they called it just "Mountain Area". So the name was left.

The tunnel[]

The corridor inside the mountain were investigated, and it turned out, that they lead to nowhere. They end about 46 metres to the center of Mt.Mountain, but there are no sights of any lost penguins, or civilisations there. Currently, the investigation is suspended due to no ways looking for clues. The Isle Agency noted this case as "Important" - the fifth level of seven.


Even though the mountain's history is unknown, many penguins enjoy their vacation near the mountain. The landscapes are breathtaking there. Because more penguins started to visit the place, a town was formed in the northern part of the island - Mountain Town. It was said that it is the most popular mountain in Antarctica ever. The peak has the same temperature as South Pole City in the local winter (from Nov. to Mar.).