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Mt. Ivory
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Vital statistics
Type Mountain
Level 10000
Location Antarctica
Inhabitants Nothing

Mt. Ivory is a huge Mountain in Antarctica that is extremely intense, only the strongest penguins/puffles even aloud withing a mile of it.


Mt. Ivory was discovered during the early times of Antarctica. Penguins mined it constantly for the large amounts of ivory that grew within. They literally hallowed the Mountain out in search of the precious metal. This continued for many years, making the inside of Mt. Ivory like a giant maze like cave. Suddenly, the weather turned so snowy it was impossible to see without goggles. The mountain was left alone.

During the time the Pectosphere was created, some of the energy swirled around the Mountain peak. This caused an odd power of Card-Jitsu cards on the mountain. Several penguins decided to go train there, but it was blocked off by police eventually when the weather was getting to horrible for everybody.


The beggining of the Mountain is a snowy base. There are no entrances to the mountain yet, and the Card-Jitsu power is weaker than what will happen later. Soon you'll find yourself in a freezing cold maze of trees to find your way inside during a seemingly endless blizzard. The cave entrance is finally found, and a abnormally complex cave is found. It has several walls you need to scale and heavy bolders to push, and rocks that are needed to be broken. You find yourself outside again at a large seemingly impossible to climb wall; with more mazes at the top. Climbing is seemingly impossible. Then after getting through the mazes, you will need to cut down small trees just to get further. Small amimals might be spotted. Finnaly, you find yourself in an epic slope to climb that is overly snowy and avalanches are common. You finally reach the peak. You can see the whole entire Mountain from below, and this is where Blue went missing...

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