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Mother-of-the-Puppets image
Mother-of-The-Puppets and her, um... puppets.
Vital statistics
Title Puppeteer
Gender Female
Race Ghost
Faction Extremely Evil!
Health Deceased
Level 40
Status At Large
Location Travelling

Mother-of-the-Puppets is a member of the Str00del Force. Among the most evil of the group, MOTP is usually very bossy and always keeps things moving in the Force.


Mother-of-the-Puppets was born in 1996 (making her 11 years old before she died), and always made finger puppets. This was the only thing she was good at, thus she got laughed at a lot. She decided to run away when she was 9.

Two years later, she fell into a lake, and drowned. She is now a ghost, who soon learned that marionettes were superior to puppets.


At age 13 (as a ghost), she was found by Sanity Penguin, and fell in love with him. He showed her the Captain, who offered her to join the Str00dels. She accepted, and quickly met the other Str00dels. She was (and still is) a little annoyed by Sp00nzoid, but still likes him.


  • Weird Fact: Mother-of-the-Puppets actually uses Marionettes. There is a BIG difference.
  • If this was theatrically correct, Mother-of-the-Puppets would actually be Mother-of-the-Marionettes. That doesn't sound nearly as catchy, does it?
  • She thinks Sanity Penguin is very handsome.
  • There is an Awesomesauce album named after her, Mother of Puppets.

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