Club Penguin Fan Universe
Moo Tipping
Vital statistics
Type Prank
Effects Laughs and Giggles
Source Moo Penguins
Location Any pasture in Antarctica or the Cow Dimension
Cost to buy Well, you could be fined..
Cost to sell

Moo Tipping is the elaborate biological process in which crazy penguins, some of which are plain wacky, others that don't like the idea of other dimensions, sneak up to Moo Penguins and push them over - occasionally to their permanent transformation into Cows. This process does not usually occur without some kind of influence from ditto or another object that makes someone crazy.


Moo Tipping began in the nineteen eightys, when the rift to the Cow Dimension was opened. Some penguins didn't like the idea of other dimensions, while some penguins were plain crazy. Cow tipping soon caught on, and you couldn't leave your house at night without seeing someone tipping over your beloved Daisy, (or Bessie as the case may be). Interestingly, the King of Colonial Antarctica expressed a brief interest in moo tipping as a weapon (it was said he was crazy), but the new weapon was abandoned due to lack of motivation and a massive outbreak of common sense.

Since then, moo tipping has become a worldwide hobby, with contests held around the world to determine #1 one moo tipper. Contests are held annually to determine the champion! The contest is usually hosted along side cleaning, surfing, ironing, hoovering, dancing, licking, and rolling contests. Some question the morality of moo tipping, saying that the moo penguin race will be wiped out if this continues. However, that would be against the COC, so it won't happen.

Moo Tippers[]

Sir Verdwaasde Koehater (Dutch for Crazed Cow Hater) is currently Antarctica's leading moo tipper, holding the record of tipping 40 moo penguins in one night! He once spoke to someone who was just as crazy as him, and he said, "It clears the mind and induces a lovely warm aura which emanates from the moo penguin."

Process of Moo Tipping[]

  1. Approach sleeping moo penguin in penguin form.
  2. Gently push the sleeping moo penguin - anywhere will do.
  3. The sleeping Moo Penguin will moo and should now shapeshift into a cow.
  4. When the Moo Penguin, now in cow form, least expects it, push it over.
  5. Run, run, run!
  6. Watch as the farmer or a relative of the Moo Penguin runs out, and sees their beloved friend moo over and over, shapeshifting back to a penguin. Or, they could turn into a cow permanently.
  7. After they leave the scene, clean up the mess that the Moo penguin has made, just to be considerate.


  • Moo Tipping is now illegal in the USA and every Free Republic, with possibly Ban time or a 10,000 local currency fine.
  • It is a parody of cow tipping.

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