Club Penguin Fan Universe

Surfing is the #1 Sport in Mojave

Swiss Ninja is surfing with his red puffle, Sparta.

The State of Trans-Antarctica

Vital statistics
Type Major City
Level 600
Location State of Trans-Antarctica
Inhabitants Penguins and Puffles

Mojave is a city on the coast of the state of Trans-Antarctica.


Lord Swiss Ninja built this city because he wanted a city on the coast. He hired penguins from Club Penguin to help build the city and allowed them to live there. Those penguins loved the sea and loved to surf. The sandy beaches there are a great place to relax. Every year in Mojave is a surf contest. Penguins come from all around the Antarctic to compete. It is now a tourist city and a trade city. It is known as the Surfing Capital of the USA.

Daily Life[]

Many Penguins live a normal life in the city, going to work and sitting in a cubicle. There is Harbor in the city, where most of the cargo ships come to deliver or send goods. Fishing Ships Dock at the harbor, and catch a boatload of fish and take it to the market to sell. There are other normal ships that dock in the harbor that penguins go on for fun. There are tour ferries that go along the shores of Mojave. At the beach, a lifeguard is a very important job. many penguins from around the USA come to surf or swim at the beach, so a lifeguard is a very respected job in Mojave.


Mojave is an official city of The United Cities of Swiss Ninja organization. This organization helps govern the all of the Cities that Swiss Ninja owns. All the cities in the UCSN have the same laws. There are a few representatives from each city that vote to determine the laws of the UCSN. The representatives also determine if someone that committed a crime is guilty.

National Anthems[]

thumb|300px|right|National Anthem of Mojave - Surfing USA