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Vital statistics
Type Software company
Effects Animation programs, plugins, etc
Source Bought out by Micro Hard and Soft
Location Micro Hard and Soft
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell -

Mockromedia is a software company that produced many internet plugins and animation programs, and is famous for Mockromedia Blink.


Back in 2001, some scientists from Micro Hard and Soft and Penguin OS left their jobs and formed a group that called itself 'Mockromedia'. Mockromedia was fed up that they couldn't see their PengTube videos on new versions of web browsers such as Mozilla Firelink or Internet Explorer 767, so they created a software that did just that. Mockromedia called it 'Blink Player'. They received heaps of publicity for this, and bought an office in Dorkugal for their ever-growing staff. Later, in 2004, Blink Basic was released, and this software enabled penguins to make their own animations. Further versions of the Blink Player were released, versions 2.0, 3.7, and 4.7.1. Mockromedia was rolling in cash.

The Buying of Mockromedia[]

On April 1st, 2009, the CEO of Mockromedia was coming home from a party, and had drunk seventeen barrels of cream soda. He staggered into the Mockromedia office and came face to face with Bill Gates. The human grinned at the penguin. The CEO grinned back but then knew something was wrong. Bill Gates pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket while the CEO's cream soda-numbed brain tried to figure out what was wrong.

"Why do I think something is wrong?" asked the dazed CEO.

"You've forgotten to sign this contract for company insurance," said Bill Gates with a mischievous grin.

"Oh. I knew I forgot something," mumbled the CEO. He signed the contract and Bill Gates ran out the door.

Little did he know that it was actually a contract to sign Mockromedia over to Micro Hard and Soft! When the CEO came to his senses the next morning, he saw a notice on the office door:

The rude sign Bill gate$ placed outside of every Mockromedia office door.

Dear Friends and Employees of Mockromedia,
I, William H. Gates III, have purchased your company as of last night. I hope working for Micro Hard and Soft will be a pleasuarble and fun experience for all of you. I want to personally welcome you to the MH&S Family and I do hope your software benefits and flourishes like it did pre-merger.

William H. Gate$ III


The CEO was furious! He rang up Micro Hard and Soft, filed lawsuits at them, and even called Mabel in to yell at them. Sadly, nothing could be done.

However, Abulb "stepped in", and now, Mockromedia have been interaggated with their former rival.


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