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Missionz Plan Centur (the name is TOP SECRET)
Mission Island image
Entrance to the center.
No map available.
Vital statistics
Type Building
Level 14
Location Mission Island (name confirmed)
Inhabitants Agents

The Missionz Plan Centur - MPC is a "secret" organisation. Their location isn't secret, but it pretends, that it is. Its name suggests, that it is about a building, but it is the actual name of the organisation. Many penguins find it confusing. Its members can do secret missions, in which they save the known world from evil. Their role isn't big - they are just like helpers and allies to the PSA, Isle Agency, and generally the Good Guys.


It was founded in (?) by (?). It was founded as a really secret organisation. Actually, one of agents' jobs is to keep it secret. So the agency is secret, because it keeps theirselves a secret?


Their hideout is located underground. Because the island is actually an iceberg, the center keeps the island on one place, so it doesn't float away. It consists of the plan center, which is the main room in the hideout. Plans are made here, and it is the place, from where everything is being controlled. The others are offices for more important agents, and a secret corridor to the airport, so the agents can go out from the building safely.


Some desperate agents live in the hideout. They usually get bored, when living all the time underground, so they usually move away, and find a better home.


Cleaners. Why? They cost a lot, they know the secret, so they may not keep it secret, they do bad work, and they even interrupt conversations, try to look into some kinda classified papers, and mess in, whenever they have to be messed out. Unfortunately, they cannot be put away, because the center has to be kept clean.


You can have fun on doing missions. They are often difficult, but you may earn honour, a medal, and special congratualotions. Then, after some missions, you can have special privledges, which may be very useful in the future.

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