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Mission Island
Mission Island image
Entrance to the center.
The island belongs to Eastshield
Vital statistics
Type Island.
Level 270
Location North from eastern coasts of Eastshield
Inhabitants None.

The Mission Island is an iceberg located north from Eastshield. It is uninhabited, but it is famous due to the Missionz Plan Centur located here. It is small, but it has a small airport, and a harbour.


It was founded during Olde Antarctica, and joined it in 1976. A village was built here, and it grew to a bigger settlement of 10,000 penguins. It grew very rapidly. In 1998, a very large hurricane in Eastshield invaded the island, destroying the town. Most of the penguins left the island, because their houses were destroyed. The population of the town fell to 1,500.

In 1999, next hurricane came. The city was prepared for the disaster, but it caused a very large tsunami, which hit the island two hours after the end of the wind. Most of the penguin population left the island quickly, never to return. The most popular locations were: Inland, South Pole City, Iceland, MAI, Penguiki, New West City, Wentley and Pengu Town.


Main Article: Missionz Plan Centur
You can make mission in the MPC, located on the island. It's entrance is easy to spot, as it is the highest point in this small wilderness island.

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