Club Penguin Fan Universe
Mission 8
Mission 8
Vital statistics
Start Ermm...
End Ja,m,
Prerequisites Need to have Pass of the Fart
Level 17
Location Bobtropica
Rewards See Below
Previous Next
Mission 7 Mission 9

Mission 8 is another one of the missions of the MISSIONS? Series. It is the first mission created in 2009, and is the only mission located in Bobtropica without being made there.


Hundreds of penguins farted today. You must go to the Elva Shop in Bobtropica to stop zee' fart.


  1. Go to the Elva Shop
  2. Extinguish the fartbombs
  3. Detonate the Bomb of Bombs.
  4. Fart will appear.
  5. Find the Perfume of All Perfumes
  6. Spray it

And you're done!


No more penguins farted. However, the Elva Shop was badly damaged. You recieve a broken, dirty medal from the shop. That's it.

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