Club Penguin Fan Universe
Mission 7
Vital statistics
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Level 4
Location Pengyboo Island
Rewards See Below
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Mission 6 Mission 8

Mission 7 is the seventh installment in the series "Missions" (forgotten the name). It is rated very popular.


Diana112 and her flower shop needs help!!! Go to Pengyboo Island now!


  1. Go and ask Diana112 what to do.
  2. Help Diana110 sail to MAI by rowing the boat. To row, press the left and right keys one by one, all both. You have to do this twice, to go there and to return (or depart and arrive).
  3. Go and sort out the flowers in the first row according to size.
  4. Go to the cashier and help sort the money. Also give the penguins their flowers (located bottom-right of screen).
  5. Pour water into the assorted containers with the instructions provided.
  6. After doing so, water the flowers. You have to water at least 6 flowers.
  7. Go to Diana107 and record the data of the daily flowers. Instructions provided.


You finish the quest. You will recieve a medal of gratitude, a heart of honour and a certificate. Also, two flowers will be given. They have now finished the quest. Wee!

See also[]

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