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Mission 4
File:Mission 4 image.jpg
Logo of the mission in Sherby Hoodwounds
Vital statistics
Prerequisites -None-
Level 2
Location Sherby Hoodwounds
Rewards A medal, a jar of cookies, parcel and a note (optional)
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Mission 4 is a mission in the Mission (series). Released on 19 November, it is availble currently to only Sherbian.


Cookie needs help at his factory. Go to his factory and do his help!


  1. Go to the factory at Cookie Island by boat
  2. Speak to Cookie. He will tell you what to do.
  3. Change a small screw in the first box by taking the second screw from THE FIXING BOARD.
  4. Fix the gear with your screw. It will then work.
  5. Fix the oven with the tools provided. Here is the pattern: (column is C and row is R. if it is C1R1, it means the first colum and first row) C3 R2, C4 R4, C1 C3, C2 R1
  6. You help Cookie by making one cookie.
    1. First, go put some cookie powder onto the fundial.
    2. Secondly, go and wait for 30 sec
    3. Then put the thing in the oven
    4. And WALA!

Reminder: That is not the real way to cook cookies in both this factory and reality. It is just a solving thingy and fun one too.

  1. Help the worker's toe (optional)
  2. YOU WIN! YAY!!!


You will get a medalion from the company as one of the heroes. You will also get a large jar of cookies (16 only). Yoy will lastly get a parcel full of thank-you notes by the workers.

If you had helped the worker's toe, you will get a thank-you letter with a cookie pin on it. That is how you can get extra pins in this mission!

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