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Mission 1
Mission 1 image
The loading screen of the quest
Vital statistics
Start Board a plane
End Give files
Prerequisites None
Level Anybody
Location Lasoun, South Pole City
Rewards A medal, a letter
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-Incubent- Real Mission 2

Mission 1 is the very first mission of the series "Missions". The mission was released on November 15 08'.


There are confidential files containing Sir John Iron and Evil Lake and you have to deliver them to ???. ??? is a guy whom named himself this to keep his identity secret if you wanna know.


  1. Go to Buik Airbase by cab.
  2. During the ride, the cab would be bumpy, so you have to take out a large remote with a large red button and press it. Then, the road will become smooth.
  3. The cab have to go across a large mountain. Take out the second remote entitled "IN CASE OF MABEL AND THE TRIO".
  4. Press the first red button from the top left. The road will turn bumpy.
  5. When at the tip of the hill, press the second red button from the top right. The road will be slopy and have a large hoop. (You can't use the former one as it can only be used ONCE)
  6. You pass through the hoop by pressing the yellow button on the bottom left. The cab will unexpectedly jump.
  7. You have passed the mountain. Then, there is a large big monster. Press the button with a skull on it and the monster explodes. The monster's leftovers will be cleared by three penguins later.
  8. You reach tha airbase. Now board the aircraft with the registration number NUA567, the aircraft is a Pontrier JRC100, do not board NS1FS, the Baron 58.
  9. You board the plane and fly to South Pole City. Along the way, fight warplanes trying to shoot you.
  10. You go to ???'s house at 25 Cunworth (you are at Bluk Airbase) by running using 7 minutes.


??? will then reveal his identity to only you and you get a medal and a note saying "THANKS FOR DESTROYING ERNIE's FAKE PLANES=JEREMY".

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