Club Penguin Fan Universe

Subtitle: Penguin Man-Beast

The ferocious combination of Penguin, and beast, The Minotaur, Is a holy unit for brutality, And terror. He has the body of a brute penguin, The head and horns of a ram or bull, But the only thing more fierce than his power, Is his RAGE. He lived at the end of the Greek Labyrinth, In the secondary islands of Angel Island. He is in the category of Greek Cryptids, Which makes it count as a cryptid. No one has survived his brute attack, To tell the tale, And soon he will break out at any moment.


The legend of the Minotaur is when King Pinos and his wife will soon found out that she had a chick, But a witch casted a spell on his wife and made her fell in love with a common cow, And soon she had a chick that hatched to something more horrifying. The chick had the head of a male calf, And at the early stages of a normal Chick, But when it reached puberty, It became very ferocious and let out rages that he could have destroyed an entire room.

Soon, Some builders build a labyrinth for him, And threw him in the darkness, With his evil flashing yellow eyes, He lurks within the steeps channels of the Labyrinth.

Everyday he is feasting on the poor souls of helpless penguins and even chicks. If you are able to fall in, Grab a ball of string, But the bodies of those dead penguins are around the channels...