Club Penguin Fan Universe

Mina is a very nice penguin. She is a PSA and EPF agent and Cranberry's girlfriend. She lives next door to Cranberry and Crumbs.


As a chick, Mina was very skilled. She had a crush on Cranberry. When she was older, she and Cranberry went on their first date. She bought her first igloo but sold it soon afterwards. She decided to move in next door to Cranberry. She decided to live there forevermore.


Like Explorer, Mina has modes. Her modes are as follows: Normal Mode: In this mode, Mina is a very nice penguin. She will help others. Billy Mays Mode: Mina tries to sell products. Often, the product will either: a) spill on her clothes or b) explode. In other words, it doesn't go well. If the product does either, Mina will use Oxi-Clean and Kaboom to clean up the mess. Detective Mode: Mina will try to solve a case that is unnessasary. She often won't realize it. When she does realize it, Mina will snap out of this mode. Phreaker Mode: Exactly like Explorer, but nuttier. Mina will develop rabies, start drooling and go crazy. She will snap out of this mode in 16 seconds. Chef Mode: Exactly like Explorer.


She has a blue puffle named Jen. She has a part-time job at McDoodles. She is good friends with The Kernel.