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Micro Standerd Portable was a handheld game console that competed with the Snowtendo DS and Snowtendo WaddleBoy. It had a total of 150 compatible games, but only one was developed by another party other than the one who made and sold it, Imperial Nation Media. It faced huge competition from Snowtendo and had a bitter rivalry with them until the company's demise. On closer inspection, it is actually a clone of the Snowtendo DS along with several of its games. DS games could also fit into the MSP by purchasing the perphial add-on.

It sold a total of 50 thousand units, not even one-tenth of the number of DS units sold. It had three types: Original, Lite and Pro. They are all clones of Snowtendo DS variants. Initially, they wanted to release the MSPSoup but to no avail.



List of Games[]

All games except one (Batu, developed by independent gaming company) was developed by INM. They are mostly clones of DS titles. All of them are playable on all three variants.

  • Pearface Mania (clone of Lego Super Pearface-The Game--)
  • Snow (clone of Snow Blitz)
  • ROCKER (clone of Guitar Penguin)
  • Chess (chess game title)
  • Chess Two (sequel to Chess)
  • Chesstastic (sequel to Chess Two)
  • Explorer and the Large Cloud (platform game similar to Super Antics Galaxy)
  • Explorer and the Darktan Minion (platform game similar to Super Puffino Bros.)
  • Pick Up Snow (Pick-Up-Sticks clone)
  • Bowling (bowling game)
  • Jacks (your usual Jacks game)
  • Pick Up More Snow (Pick Up Snow sequel)
  • Adapter (some sort of fix-it game)
  • Kiddo SUCKISH (messed-up clone of Kid Kickerus on the DS)
  • Sleeves and Shoes (weird dress-up game)
  • Heh (list of words you could choose to copy Explorer)
  • 2.5D (some weird background with 3D characters on it dancing)
  • Canvas (painting tool and selection of painting games)
  • Anyways (quotes of Tails you could choose, similar to Heh)

Thats just part of it. Oh goodness me!