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Micro Hard and Soft Workplace
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Vital statistics
Type Software
Effects Productivity
Source Micro Hard and Soft
Location Anywhere
Cost to buy 1000 coins
Cost to sell 250 coins

Micro Hard and Soft Workplace is productivity software made by a corporate called Micro Hard and Soft.


It is an office suite, though sluggish, it is also very powerful. It expensive, but penguins say it is also quality software. It was designed for the Doors 2008 and Peach OSes.


In was made when MHS-FOS (Micro Hard and Soft Flash Operating System) was the dominatant OS. It was then ported to Doors later. Realizing that the Peach users needed an office suite, they also ported it. When Doors was getting a compositing window manager, they threatened to stop the Mac Workplace, unless they got it. They inovated the UI with a new UI concept called the string it the current Workplace 2009.


  • Sentence: A word processor.
  • Friction: A spreadsheet.
  • PowerPoint: A presentation program.
  • TwoNotes: A powerful note-taking software.
  • Postpone: A email client and calendar in one package.
  • Objective: Gantt chart software.


  • There are free alternatives.

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