Club Penguin Fan Universe
MicroChip image
The evil MicroChip
Vital statistics
Title Evil Penguin Bot
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Unknown
Health Not in the best condition
Level Level
Status Member of the Str00del Force
Location Unknown

MicroChip is a evil penguin robot who was once in the Str00del Force. Not much is known about him, and he's rarely seen at all. He's covered in fake penguin feathers and his feet are rubber molded to look like penguin feet, so many who see him think he's just a insane penguin. It's been revealed he's left the Str00dels to join Darktan.


Very little is known about MicroChip. Some say he was invented by Fredsworth. Others say he was one of G's Test Robots that managed to escape deactivation. Who ever built him, they're an enemy to Club Penguin, and the rest of Antarctica for awhile. He's very foolish though. He once tried to convince the Str00dels to battle the EPF. When they disagreed, he flew of to attack them himself. When he arrived, he found the penguins prepared to fight. Micro Chip did not stand a chance. He managed to escape, but his metal beak was bent in the process. Instead of going back to the Str00del Force hideout though, he flew to The Darktonian Realm and joinded forces with him.


Mirco Chip used to work for the Str00dels, but left to join Darktan because he was more powerful. He now scouts the skies outside the Darktonian Realm.


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