Club Penguin Fan Universe
Metal Monsters
Characters Penguins and a bunch of Sanity Humans
Starring Tails6000, Speeddasher, Explorer 767, Human musicians
Production time Since April, 2009
Made by NNE Movie Studios
Broadcasting start Channel 1337, May 2009

Metal Monsters is a TV show about the musicians in War Against Humans coming back with new robots.


Happyface realized that the success of his book could result in him making a TV show spinoff about side characters. With the help from a NNE Movie Studios producer, he made a TV show abut the heavy metal musicians.


After the War Against Humans, Tails, Speeddasher, and several others have dreams about the musicians coming back to Antarctica, with more robots to take over Antarctica. The humans fail often, and quickly run back to their home.

List of Robots[]

  • Painkiller - the first robot, reassembled to enslave with a vengeance.

List of the Episodes[]