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The Metal Force was a secret agency and army ran by Metalmanager that ran along side the PSA. Upon the eradication, the Metal Force ceases to exist.


After Metalmanager joined the EPF, he decided to open the Metal Force which was a specifically created agency for inventors. With so many inventions, the defense from Herbert and other enemies would be huge. After 2 months of being open, it had 13 members and 117 inventions. The PSA would be given the rights to these inventions to supply them and the EPF along with other armies to defend from enemies, although Metal realised he wouldn't be getting any coins, he decided to only give them half of them. The PSA weren't happy about the misinteraction and were about to sue the Metal Force, until its destruction.


Two hours before the popcorn explosion at the PSA, the Metal Force heard of the trouble and went into complete lock down. The popcorn explosion was sighted and they went into absolute lock down and turned on their defenses. Herbert quickly shot into action and destroyed their defenses after an hour. Due to Herbert's fleeing after noticing there was no way in, the defenses were shut down. Or so they thought. The defenses were locked so everyone was sealed inside. At the same time, they noticed a small popcorn bomb placed inside. The whole building was destroyed. No one was severly hurt and made it out, but they ran away, most likely to their hometowns or igloos.


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