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Mershins "Bulldog" Douza
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Vital statistics
Title Mershins
Gender Male
Race Douza Penguin
Faction No Faction
Level Age 46
Status Alive
Location Mosens Town
Occupation CEO of Mershins-Kazooy Inc.

Mershins "Bulldog" Douza (27 April 1963-) is the CEO of Mershins-Kazooy Inc. and the fourth richest penguin in MAI. He is the co-founder of Merdock Dock, where his residence is located not far from. A prominent member of the Douza Family, Mershins Douza was the first to bring fame to his family.


Mershins Douza was born on 27th April, 1963, by the official Census of MAI. He is fourth child in his family, second from last. His older brother, Mark, was then the breadwinner of the family by working in a clinic. At the age of 8, his family and him travelled to Nokens Town in Eastshield, currently a barren piece of land. He stayed there for 5 and a half years.

During his stay, he observed the Noken Towers, a large structure built in the heart of the town. He became interested in infrastructure, and at the age of 20, when his family and him moved back to MAI, he started a company known as Mershins Inc. Mershins Inc. was renamed Mershins-Kazooy Inc. when he joined forces with Kazooy. In year 2000, he founded his first property under his company: Merdock Dock. In partnership with Docklins Oze, the property became a highlight of MAI and he became wealthy thereafter.


Other than Mershins-Douza Inc,, Mershins Douza bought shares in a number of companies, meaning that he owns part of the company.

Current Shares[]

As of September 2010, he has shares in five companies, most notably McDoodle's.


He owns a 3% share in McDoodle's, and also introduced McDoodle's to the town he lives in. First buying a 1% share in 2002, he eventually bought more shares up till 10%. When McDoodle's had a decrease, he reduced his shares to 5%, but others also reduced their shares and he eventually got a 10% share. You won't understand it if you don't know about shares. Eventually, someone bought more shares and his share became 3%.


He joined YumYum in 2008, and is part of the executive department. He owns a 0.3% share in YumYum, considerably quite high, the highest share percentage being 1.1%. He is rarely involved in meetings, and he is put in charge of Link John Silver's, owning a 7% share in the restaurant.


He bought a 17% share in June 2009, making him the second largest shareholder at the time. His shares was reduced to 11% when someone else bought more shares. He currently has a 3% share in Side-To-Side.

Ampersand Publishing[]

Douza bought a 41% share of Ampersand Publishing, a fictional company by the BoF, for its notorious reputation. Technically, as BoF is registered as Ampersand Publishing, he owns 41% of the BoF. However, he doesn't no it, nor did he receive any money, except for one million coins.

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