Club Penguin Fan Universe

Mecha Puffle
Cutting-edge technology encased in a titanium-alloy studded puffle-like body
Vital statistics
Title Mecha Puffle
Gender male or female
Race metallic grey robot puffle
Faction Herbert P. Bear
Religion N/A
Health ???
Level Version 1.1
Status Going un-noticed
Location everywhere
Occupation copying, battling, capturing, downloading
Interests destroying things, suffering of innocent beings, acquiring new techniques
Friends Test Bots, Ult. Proto-bot 10000, other robots in its family like it
Enemies anyone good, the EPF
Archetype evil

Mecha Puffles (Moschomicrotherium pufflei robotus) are the first robots to make use of the Core Technology. They were created by Herbert P. Bear, and heavily modified by Gary the Gadget Guy to support EPF upgrades.