Club Penguin Fan Universe
The largest robot ever! (Or is it?)
Vital statistics
Type Robot/mechanical shell
Effects The exciting feeling of being able to pilot a robot
Source Brown51brown and his siblings, with help from G
Location With Brown
Cost to buy NOT FOR SALE

The Mecha-Peng is a mechanical shell created by Brown51brown, his siblings, and G.


This giant shell took 1 and a half months to make, and the results were spectacular. The battle-shell has immense power, and its abilities include:

  • Eye Laser (it fires a laser at the enemy)
  • Spark Burst (it glows for a while and then sends hundreds of sparks everywhere)
  • Twirlnado (inspired by Brown's spinning attack, G installed this attack into the robot. It spins around, forming a tornado, and then flies into the opponent. This attack also doubles as a heli-copter)
  • Rocket Boosters (not made for combat. It flies up into space, for inter-galactic battles.


  • It is rarely used, being stored in Brown's garage (he had to shrink it for storage first). He says if a major catastrophe happens, he would be ready.
  • The cockpit can hold 3 people.
  • If the shell is destroyed, there is a button in the cockpit that makes said cockpit fly out of the shell and fly off, turning into an escape pod. The escape pod itself can turn into a spaceship, (which also hold 3 people) in case the enemy isn't destroyed yet. If that is destroyed, there is one last-ditch effort option; summoning another escape pod, which only seats 1 penguin. If that is destroyed, well... good luck.

Internal Links[]

  • Robo-Flywish (another mechanical thing; but Robo-Flywish is a robot, not a shell.)