Club Penguin Fan Universe
  • Shadow: A brooding, mysterious black puffle. He may be a little dark, but he is extremely smart, and helps Mech Rider on missions.
  • Goofy: A completely weird green puffle. Despite his prankster ways,he has a good heart, but is still a BIG TIME prankster.
  • Knuckles: An adventurous, yet calm red puffle.
  • Silver: Despite his name, he is a white puffle. He can breathe black ice and has the personality of a cute kid. He was slightly ditto infested at birth.
  • Charlie: A blue puffle that loves pie.
  • Bubbles: A popular, fashionable, smart puffle who "lives for fashion".
  • Yoga: A pink puffle who loves to swim. Unfortunately, she is not very smart, and is constantly being pranked by Goofy.
  • Picasso: A artistic, and sophisticated yellow puffle, who has made art for the USA Museum of Art.
  • Cheeseball:A completely insane orange puffle who likes to eat waffle pie.He is a good garbage disposal though,considering he'll eat anything.