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Mccoon Island
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Mccoon Island's Flag
The map of Mccoon Island.
Vital statistics
Type Island
Level 1-50
Location Sub-Antarctic Islands, USA
Inhabitants See Below.

Mccoon Island is an island belonging to the Sub-Antarctic Islands that was formerly part of the larger Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds. Five times the size of CP's Iceberg, Mccoon Island broke off from the Sub-Antarctic Islands in 1895 and was uninhabitated for 110 years. Currently part of the Sub-Antarctic Islands, almost all evidence of it being part of Sherby Hoodwounds was destroyed, only the island.


In 2005, a couple of penguins found these islands when leaving CP Isle. They then founded Mccoon, the town centre, Outer Streets, where homes are situated and Mccoon Forests. For naming, it is unknown but there was believed one of the group members were dubbed "Mccoon Penguin".

At first, history stated that Mccoon Island was founded in 2005. But explorers realized a connection when they visited Sherby Hoodwounds' remaining pieces of the past. Here is the full story.

The island was first founded in 1496 by two Sherbian explorers. Officially annexed by the then Kingdom of Sherby Hoodwounds in 1499, a town was built and many flocked there. The island was then named 'Makkoon Island' (pronounced mer-koon, like Mccoon. Strange!) after His Royal Highness, Sir James Thomson Makkoon the Fifth.

When Sherby Hoodwounds made its transition from being a kingdom to a principality, there was a massacre of penguins who were Party supporters that were killed. Makkoon Island announced a state of emergency and all penguins were ordered to hide inside their homes. As some of them lived in the same building, a miniature massacre occurred, with no deaths but many injuries. Makkoon Island then gained even more residents for its safe environment.

In 1855, a government known as the 'Makkoon Movement' participated in the 1855 Makkoon Island General Elections. It revolted against the government when the government stopped the general elections midway for more control. It formally gained independence in 1878, but was in exile from 1883 onwards. In 1890, penguins fled to other islands when an on-site war occurred at Makkoon Island. Many were killed, and by 1895, the island was deserted.

During the period in which no one was around, trees had caused buildings and houses to collapse. These buildings were buried by the monsoons that came thereafter, or sunk into the soil during the monsoon. The building somehow went into bio-degration?

And then the penguins re-founded it in 2005. Its up there.


Mccoon Island contains of three parts:

  • Mccoon Town-The town centre
  • Outer Streets-where residents live and outer town centre.
  • Mccoon Forests-A pile of snow-filled trees with large piles of snow. It's too tall for you, thus you have to ride "Antarctic Express (chairlift)".


  • Mccoon Penguin was one of the modern founders of the island. It was rumored that this was his name.

Hundreds others.



  • Pebbles
  • Rocks
  • O'Berries
  • Trees
  • More Trees

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