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Mccoon Academy
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Vital statistics
Type Educational School
Level It depends.
Location Outer Streets, Mccoon Island
Inhabitants Students and Teachers + See Below.

Mccoon Academy is a school located in the Outer Streets of Mcccoon Island. They teach students from Mccoon Island.


Their background dates back to 2006, when a few penguins thought going so far to another place or education seems so troublesome, they built an academy for students of the island.


They contain two main buildings, plus two small houses. The first building is for the elemantry, with four floors. Each room contains a class. There are 3 classes on each floor, which makes up 12 classrooms.

The other building contains all middle school programmes from the top three floors. The bottom is the canteen, tuckshop, library and other facilities.

There is a large field, with two smaller houses. They are the: Kindergarten Classes where they host all kindergarten activities and the sports centre, to rent sport materials. There is lastly the Inter-Section building. These are the stairs. The principal's office is located at the canteen's inersection building. So as the toilets and library.


  • School Students
  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Cleaners/Janitors
  • Friends


Education and Eduacation. Also friends.

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