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The McDoodle's Virus is a computer virus that was sent all around in Antarctica in 2008. It was created by Hydro Plane, who was the first victim :O


McDoodle's Screen Of Death

Phase I: Arrival - The McDoodle's Virus enters the computer via logging in on some email websites.

Phase II: Infected - The computer acts strangely, open and close of applications, screensaver going wrong, and change of desktop picture.

Phase III: Mascot!!/Logo!! - The computer returns to normal, but the computer will get numerous pictures of the McDoodle's mascot or the logo until the screen fills up.

Phase IV: McDoodle's Screen Of Death - The computer will get the usual Blue Screen Of Death followed by a series of McDoodle's mascot or the logo pictures until the screen fills up again.

Phase V: Symphony No. 5 While the screen fills up with pictures of the McDoodle's mascot or the logo itself, a piece of music plays, making the computer do numerous things, like make your keyboard sticky, legally change your name to Reggie and make your music player only play jazz music.


  • Phase I & Phase II - Turn off your computer and makes sure it powers down.
  • Phase III up to Phase V - Dropping it in a forty-three foot hole in a hole, burying it completely and buy a new virus-free computer.

Prevention of getting Infected[]

  1. Listen for news, reports in the TV, radios, or read the newspaper.
  2. Download an application that will block viruses, be aware that your may be downloading the virus itself.
  3. Try not to check your email all the time.

How The Virus Got Its Name[]

Since Hydro Plane recently ate at McDoodles before buying his computer, Hydro Plane looked at the logo of the McDoodle's and made an evil eye in it. Thus naming the virus "McDoodle's Virus".

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