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Swiss Ninja

Swiss Ninja, your typical Mary Sue. He's King, Ninja, Master and Emperor. He's also egotistical but that makes him look even better because he's so perfect. However, He has many enemies and is mostly in a bad mood since he keeps losing fights.

Mary Sues are penguins with no flaws and are unrealisticly perfect in almost every way.


Back in the beggining of 2009, when Link had been captured by Ford Car, Gary and the PSA made a test to determinate the goodness and evilness of Link. After he was released and stopped doing crimes, he joined the PSA and an Army of Elite Soldiers but remained on the Str00del Force and the Underground PWN Mafia.

Using his power on these four groups and being funded by the PSA allowed him to conduct a study regarding the goodness/evilness of people and concluded that in Antarctica 10% of penguins were Mary Sue-ish heroes, 5% typical villains, 5% "grey" characters with both good and evil characteristics and the rest were uninteresting characters.

Link sent these conclusions to Dorkuguese scientists and over a year later, on May 2010 he recieved their results. Appearently Mary Sue-ishness comes from a gene that exists on 10% of the population. It's impossible to erradicate this personality disorder but it can be minimized through persuassiveness. After this, the term "Mary Sue" became famous and now many penguins find it annoying.


Mary Sues on the side of good:

  • Are highly persuasive
  • Are brave and cheerful
  • Always win in fights
  • Are friends with everyone
  • Are incorruptible
  • Always get what they want

List of Mary Sues[]

A list of these penguins can be found in this category.

Anti-Mary Sues[]

The APOMSI or Army of Penguins Opposed to Mary Sue-ish Individuals is an group of penguins leaded by Link who got tired of these people.


  • Link, as the creator of the group. Hates Mary Sue-ishness because of his own struggles between good and evil.
  • Ford Car, he's trying to destroy his reputation as a Mary Sue.
  • Bobby Sue, he thinks it's a similar cause to his former MOOCE (Maniac OOC Extremists).

See also[]

  • Link, the Anti-Mary Sue activist.
  • Swiss Ninja, the best example of a Mary Sue. Swiss Ninja is no longer a Mary Sue do to the fact that almost Everyone hates him and he has issues with World Domination.
  • Chuck von Injoface, a violent Mary Sue
  • Fudd Lapooh, a former Mary Sue.

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