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Marooned: The Movie is a upcoming film, being made and published by Darkspine Films. The author, Darkspine, said that the film should be released soon. The film is being filmed in Neo Domino City, but also in Club Penguin City, Ross Island, South Pole City, Club Penguin Island and in TerraMount. Actors are still required; talk to Darkspine.


Cop Camer is a Normal Penguin living in Club Penguin Island. He was living a simple life until a bottle with a note and a video turns up. The note says please watch me- Cop Camer. Shocked, he rushed to his igloo and played the tape. He saw himself, on a desert island. The video ends, with something saying Plz go to New Club Penguin and find Bobby45-. The screen goes all fuzzy. Cop Camer must travel to New Club Penguin, and find Bobby45.


  • Cop Camer-- Conik
  • Bobby459-- Blubby

Uncomfirmed Characters[]