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Maps Island
Maps island terrain. Darker green are lower places, orande nad brown are hills.
Incorporation of the island.
Vital statistics
Type Island
Level 100
Location North from Weddell, East from the DWR.
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles.

Maps Island is a lone island located North from the USA Weddell State and East from the DWR. Currently, there are two seperate countries on the island - CRWM and DREM, both established after the collapse of the united country of Maps Island.


Maps Island was discovered by IrishProvo1916 in 2004. A country, called just like the name of the island was established. Its' natural resources were discovered and incorporated. However, there were no countries to trade with because the island was isolated. For nearly 5 years, the population had to lead miserable lives. Finally, the leader of the island contacted the USA and asked about joining the isle as a Free Republic. They agreed. But it still didn't save the country. The population banished the leader and established two different countries on the east and west sides of the country.


The island is plain, just with a few hills on the north-east part. It has a special climate with hot summers and incredibly cold winters. There is a forest on the northern part of the isle which is said to remain untouched until the end of the world.