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Manny Rivers
"Yo soy el Puffle, la bola de pelo súper potencia!!"
Vital statistics
Title Clawed hero
Gender Male
Race Super Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level Good
Status Doing good.
Location Somewhere
Occupation N/A
Interests His honor, pranking, mischief, and the Spanish language
Friends Friday, his family
Enemies Many, many, many creatures...
Archetype Gray

Manny Rivers, better known as El Puffle, is a super penguin who fights villains in and around Antarctica. He is also very mischevious, misusing his powers for pranking purposes. It is unknown if he is a hero, villain, or both (whenever he feels like it).


Manny Rivers hatched in Antartica and gradully went to school. Unlike others, he was a super hero. He skipped class to stop a robbery or a villain. When he was ten, he began to skip school to be a full time super hero (or villain), making some friends in the process.


Manny, in addition to saving the day, is a reknowned prankster, misusing his super powers for mischief (e.g. using his speed and claws for swiping the crown off the head of a head of state). He can't get enough of that sort of thing.


  • Manny Puffle a parody of Manny Rivera, from the cancelled series, El Tigre.
  • He is a clawed hero, literlly, he can make claws come out of his flippers.
  • He goes by El Puffle, "the puffle" in Spanish.
  • You can hear him saying "Yo soy el Puffle, la bola de pelo súper potencia!!" when he spins the piece of metal on his bandana.
    • Yo soy El Puffle, la bola de pelo súper potencia! literally translates to "I am The Puffle, fur ball super power!".
  • Manny can speak fluent Spanish.
  • He is NOT a puffle.

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