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Twalk two mwe!

Wello I'm Mwanny Pweng. I wave stwarted thwis bwog two welp pweople with thweir pwoblems. Wite wour pwoblems were.

Wuse THIS to pwost a nwew seccy.

Current events[]

Wello I twarted thwi pwart of the bwog two keep woo up two dwate on whats gowin down.

Abrc0X's Problem[]

You are my problem! I hate Mwa mwa penguins!

-- Mwahahahaha! Abrc0X is EVIL!!!!! FEAR ME!!!
Abrc0X 04:34, April 15, 2010 (UTC) --

Abrc 08's Problem[]

My problem is that why does the other penguins hate you? It's like a total nightmare for you!

Wells, I woes mwe! -Manny Peng

--Abrc 08 15:04, October 30, 2009 (UTC)

Friday, May 15,2009[]

Twoday, I pwayed the dwums and attwepted two bweak out of heres.

Friday, June 5,2009[]

Scwool is wout. Well nwot fwor mwe, bwut what evwer.

Monday, June 8,2009[]

Well, twodway I pwank called Expworer, bwut he knwew it was mwe. Then, he thweatened two hwit me with a gwolden shovel. He was jwust kwidding. I think. I awlso kwicked Mwabel.

Oh, really?... --Explorer Freddell Antics XIII (TALK 2 ME!!!) 22:09, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

Well it cwould of bween thwe wobot. It was dwark swo Wap!

I doubt my robotic conterpart even has a tin shovel, least of all a gold one. --Explorer Freddell Antics XIII (TALK 2 ME!!!)

No thwe shovel was mwine. It cwame with the Expworer wife size cwardbwoard cut owt.

Puffle Mabel


Thursday, June 18,2009[]

I dwew a pwicture of Mwabel.

Wear we, Wear we I have comes two twell woo I mwade a nwew swite. Chweack it wout! For Mwa Mwas and Mwa Mwa lovers.

Go check out the new and improved Mwa Mwa Penguin Wiki. I'm sure you'll like it. I HATE MWA MWA PENGUINS!!!! -- Speeddasher

Monday, June 29,2009[]

Its still true! Today I saw Transfat Revenge of the Carbinator.

Manny in Burger Khan

I'm in your Burger Khan with your burgers

Wednsday, July 1,2009[]

I is mwaking a nwew swong.

Wo Wo Wo I used to eat glue One day I turned blue As an ocean blue shoe or berry It makes me look scary Then my three strands of hair eee

Got me a Lollipop Stole a flying car, that can't be stopped Now [[Manny Peng|Manny be talk'in So pengs stop talkk'in Think I'm out? Ha! Look who's yelling'

My evil boss Darktan He loves Barkk'in Gots some freaky glowing eyes A voice must penguins despise Makes me do my Mwa Mwa dance

Come on. oh. Weee. Mah!

Had dreams to make a show Or get rid of Mabel All turns out rough So Explorer though I turn my life in another direction

Thanks to one 'all that' Peng Little Manny is squeaky clean gem Though my body is still blue Tell you what I'm gonna do Adervertise some awesome shampoo

Scrub Rinse and Okay! It's time to wash your feathers today! You may know I'm a villain Well I'm also chillin' Come on, let me hear you say Scrub, Rinse and Okay! I'm a penguin just playin' his games

My product's in a phat song Time to get your scrub on With Manny Peng's feather washing shampoo and tail feather rinse!

For Bugzy it comes off the rugzy.

Wope woo wike it.

July 29, 2009[]

Swummer is almwost over and twime to gwet schwool supplies. Well I hwad twons of fwun. Enjoy schwool!

Saturday, August 1,2009[]

Its New Month's Day! Yes it is a new month. It is very beautiful. *ahemmm* Pwardon mwy woper engwish I wanted two jwust swound Swofwistacwated. Thwat is wone bwig word! Oh weah! befwore I fworget I swaw Dwarktan kwiss the TV. P.S. I wave cwameras all over his cwastle.

Wednesday August 5,2009[]

I cweverwy excwaped oowcawuzie! I escwaped by crawling into a tunnel some one dwug fwor mwe thwan cwame to an Iwand and twook off in my water plane. Which bwy thwe way cwan go threw water and swubmwerge. Oh weah I gwots cwonnections. Oh and I dwopped [[Mabel|Mwabel] in the water. With a wubberr waft. She gonnas bwe okway.

Tuesday August 11,2009[]

I wave decwided two twavel with mwy bwother Wodney two a diffwent wuniverse. Which wone woo ask? Alls of thwem! Wish mwe a swafe twip!

I will stwill updwate and welp woo with wour pwoblems. FWARTHWEE WELL!!!

Wednesday August 12,2009[]

Rodrick Peng: Well with the help of a Universe Portal from Doctor Aye-Que's Lab. We uh... borrowed we have made it to-

Manny Peng: WEY! What are woo dowing!

Rodrick Peng: Telling them where we are. Why?

Manny Peng: It mwy bwog! Swo gwet off of thwe waptwop!

Rodrick Peng: Alright!

Manny Peng: We are in thwe Mushrooverse. So far I cwogged ups twenwy toiwets. Swo thwese Pwumbers in wed and grween cwame to uncwogg thwem. I gots pwictures.

Special update for August 12[]

Manny has been caught once again. Aye-Que found him scampering around his lab, and sent him back to Owcatraz. Due to escaping, he's going to get zapped by a non-fatal, electrical tazer 20 times each day. He's also been put in the aquatic cell. It's a glass ball that is held down under OVER NINETHOUSAND!!!! feet of water by heavya chains. There is oxygen though so he won't suffocate. And a teleportation device that can only be activated from the control room will teleport Mabel to give him school lessons and his meals to him. Afterwards, Mabel simply grabs the dishes, steps into the teleportation corner, and gets back to the control room. Don't worry though, we've designed it so Manny can't use it to make sure he won't escape again. Their is absolutley no way for him to escape. Even if he does manage to break the glass, where's he gonna go? Even if he did know how to swim, there's no way he'd make it to the surface in time. Plus we have a defense system that will instantly capture him if he for some reason escape, but there's absolutley no way that could happen. Also there is a signal blocker placed outside of the glass. That way no one using a teleporter can come and save him. Yes, this is one inescapable cell. --Owcatraz Manager

We'd just like to say to you all, that we've recently invented a machine that makes Manny unable to turn into Pyscho Peng while he's inside the water area. He'll never escape now. --Owcatraz Manager

File:MannyPeng Silhoutte.jpg


Wednesday August 12,2009 Sometime late[]


Monday, August 17,2009[]

Wey wats ups. I wove thwis pwace I gwets mwy own pwool fwee fwood. Nwow I don't wave two twake bwites of Dwartwan's and pwut it bwack. I also take bwites of Mwabel's, Expworer's, Mwax's, and Willwy's food. I awso gwot thwis nweat TV. And a ... bweak hair trimmer? See ya!

Monday, September 7,2009[]

Wappy Wolidway two evewyone wave wots of fwun. Awso wabel eats wierd thwings.

Sunday, September 13,2009[]

Swome thwing stwange happwened I gots a cwake in thwe mwail, bwut it wad a pwick axe in wit. Weird huh? Either way Mwable was fwound and bwought bwack to Owcatraz. Thwis is a pwunishmwent to Mwable two. Conswidering she is stwuck hwere too. Don't bwe a PLOOPY! Twy mwy Shampoowey!!

Wednesday, January 13,2010[]

WAPPWY WOO WEAR!!! I know I is wate. -Manny Peng

Wednesday, Febuary 17,2010[]

I panked cwalled Thwe Twin can at his jwob. vwer swince Darktwan went gwood I've been in jwail. Anyway I swaid "Wheres thwe emwergecwy woom in wour twoaster.

Thursday, February 24, 2011[]

Pre-hibernation Manny Peng

Befwore hibwerwation.

Post-hibernation Manny Peng

Mwe workwing off extwa pwounds.

I hopes evewyone had a gweat hibwerwation thwis winter. Wope woo had sweet dweams. I swept good. Here are swome pwics of mwe befwore and after mwy hibwerwation.

Bugzy's Problem[]

My problem would be that Manny Peng kid.. he drives me up many a wall.

--Paying respect to the UPM, Bugzy

Join the crowd, roach. --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

Dweal with wit! Bwug Bwoy! -Manny Peng

Oh no, I got the little bay-bee angry, I'm shaking in my shell..

--Paying respect to the UPM, Bugzy

Ooooh, Manny you spelled Bugzy wrong! HAHAHA! =P
-- Mwahahahaha! Abrc0X is EVIL!!!!! FEAR ME!!!
Abrc0X 04:34, April 15, 2010 (UTC) --

Speed's problem[]

My only problem is you Manny Peng! You're the most mentally insane noob I've ever met.


I am torturing him at Owcatraz. He will soon crack. --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

Dweal with wit! Spweedy! -Manny Peng

This is by far the worst blog I've ever seen. The Kernel gives better advice. P.S. DON'T CALL ME SPEEDY!


Whatever slooooowpooooke. If you really think he gives better advice than ge off my BLOG!! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!- Psyco Peng

-- Mwahahahaha! Abrc0X is EVIL!!!!! FEAR ME!!!
Abrc0X 04:34, April 15, 2010 (UTC) --

Tails6000's question[]

My problem is why do you eat dirt?


That is because I feed it to him in his applesauce at lunchtime. --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

1.I thwouht wit was chocwit pwudding. 2.You is a PLOOPY! Twailsy-Manny Peng

Dude Tailsy is so cliche really see the cliche book sometime *gives book of cliches to* you might learn proper english cliches Tails6000

And don't even think of going to the sonic universe, my friends there will destroy you, especially if you see my friend metal sonic, He has a form no one but I have ever seen, its what he calls, "Metal Overlord" and every good guy has a super form. So if you even use psyco peng you will lose. Tails6000

Don't bet on it you two tail wannabe! Because I also have a cough cough secret cough. So take that and also your little Metal overload was how I say ... DESTROOYED!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAHHAHA!!!!! -Psyco Peng


Sonicspine's problem[]

My problem is that you need to speak properly.


I'm working on that now. --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

Nwevwer Mweanie! Swonic-Manny Peng

Manny, I really think you should go to a speaking class. If someone forces you to go there too. --Sonicspine31
Oh, I think the Mafia can handle that ;) --Paying Respect to the UPM, Bugzy

I'm gonna crush the Bug eyed wonder and his Mafia AAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!-- Psyco Peng

Kwiksilver's problem[]

My problem is you. Oh, and why is Mabel letting you use the computer?


HOW DID YOU LOG ON TO MY ※؟¤⅔ COMPUTER, YOU $$$$$ TWERP! --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

Well one I twook wit wand wan weal fwast. And walso Dweal with wit! Kwiwies

Diana110's Problem[]



Bweats mwe! Why are woo asking mwe questions? What about mwe!?!?!-Manny Peng

You can't. It's factual nonsense. --Melvin Turtleheimer
That's the problem. How do you destroy it? It's infecting me! Urgh... it itches so badly! --Diana110

Alex12345a's Problem[]

How do you find a date?

Well woo go up in sway pwick mwe. Twy wit Alwex-Manny Peng --Alex12345a

He can't. He's a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Neither can I, I'm an X-Antibody. --Shroomsky X

Wait... Manny, do you mean you want me to date you? ----Alex001 User talk:Alex001 08:13, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

NWO! I mweant woo ADWOPT mwe and take mwe home! I A BWOY! -Manny Peng

Sorry, but it's not gonna happen Manny. You're serving your time in prison. Atleast I'm actually making some cash and was actually defeated by a worthy apponent. --Metal Explorer

Why don't I start to ۝۩ᵯ with you in prison? --Alex001 User talk:Alex001 10:31, 22 May 2009 (UTC)/Alex12345a

Jolene Tan's Problem[]

How do you do at least something which could hurt YOU from driving me up the walls without breaking the COC?

--Jolene Tan

OxiPie thwat'll dwo wit!-Manny Peng

Actually, there are MANY things you can do. You can torture him with polka, throw snowballs at him, shoot him with a Banana Blaster, or my favorite, TEACHING THAT ‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽ TWERP PROPER ENGLISH!! --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

Mabel's Problem[]


Woo is thwe bwiggest PLOOPY!-Manny Peng

Keep torturing him!

-- Mwahahahaha! Abrc0X is EVIL!!!!! FEAR ME!!!
Abrc0X 04:34, April 15, 2010 (UTC) --

Explorer's Problem[]

How do I get rid of nusiances like you and Mabel? --Explorer Freddell Antics XIII (TALK 2 ME!!!)

IN THE WORDS OF BUGZY, IN SOVIET RUSSIA, MABEL GETS RID OF YOU! Why did I quote that illegal phreak? YOU'RE GOING DOWN MISTER! I'll get rid of you and cut Manny of from the rest of this phreaking world! --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!
LOL, in your dreams! good thing she didn't see those checks I wrote to said illegal phreak's robbing clan... heheh. *gulp* Er, I'll be on the porch if you need me. --Explorer Freddell Antics XIII (TALK 2 ME!!!)
WHAT CHECKS?! --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!
You should be grateful; I am currently teaching Manny proper English in Owcatraz. Do you know where that is? --Mabel von Injoface XIX FEAR ME!!!

Well I wam sowwy woo fweel thwat way, bwuuut.... DEAL WITH WIT!!!!!-Manny Peng

Yes, you're exactly right! Now, i know just the way do deal with big fat nusiances like you and Mabel...... BOOTS!!! --Explorer Freddell Antics XIII (TALK 2 ME!!!)

0_0 Respect Mabel Manny! Just cause shes evil does not mean she should be disrespected, try being ncie to her and she wont torture you as badly (proboly nto but still, theres good in all hearts) -Corai

Cindion's Problem[]

Why do you look so tasty?

Cuase I wocks! Cwindion!-Manny Peng

Max 1537's Problem[]

My problem is you are weird, scary, and a bad influence on young chicks.

Darktan thwinks I'm awesome. Dweal with wit Mwaxy.-Manny Peng

Actually, no he dosen't! He just lies so you don't quit his pathetic army. Also, your more than what Max said. YOUR A DISGRACE TO ALL PENGUINS!!! Also, your brother is too evil to stand. PS your the POLAR OPPOSITE of awesome! I'm glad you're in Owcatraz, where you clearly belong. Translation: Woo bwoss wis a swicko! We wate woo! We hwappy woo gone! Aweswome is oppwoswite of wou! Wayy!--Patfan1(AKA Penguin87909) 22:25, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

Matthews' Problem[]

You are scary. Do you know a way to stop being scary? --The Scary Cat

Wike I twold Mwaxy Darktan thinks I'm awesome!-Manny Peng

Your not awesome! Translation: Woo nwot cool! -Patfan1, one of the biggest Mwa Mwa haters

Darktan's Problem[]

Why hello little Manny Peng. My problem is that yo can't learn englis - I mean that I'm losing the Pie War. It's a massive shame. Still, at least I've got rid of you you'll be safe with Mabel. Mwa Hwa Hwa Hwa Hwa! Darktan Anator (don't laugh!) Chat with the Destroyer of Worlds Get a taste of REAL culture!

Sowwy Bwoss cwan't welp woo thweir. Bwut woo shwould gwet some friwends. I mwean othwer thwan mwe. and thwe twin can. Gwet out of thwe cwastle in wun outswide abwit.-Manny Peng

Dont lie Darktan, you know you hate him! -Patfan1

ZapWire's problem[]

My problem is why are you a Mwa Mwa Penguin? WHY?? --ZapWire

I wam what I wam. I dwo what I dwo. I twalk thwis way cuz I dwo.-Manny Peng

Metal Explorer's Problem[]

First of all like everyone else, you're my problem. You Mwa Mwa Penguins discust me. Plus who are you callin a tin can bottle brain! I just happen to be composed of pure soild steal, and have more upgrades than any robot in Antarctica. --A Hard Working EFF Employee

Woo don't scware mwe bwuckwet of bwolts! -Manny Peng

Oh yah, well you should be scared. I could just eliminate you this instant with my lazer. --A Hard Working EFF Employee

Wanna side of folk songs with that *puts magnet on*


Hah! I wike fwolk swongs, and show twunes. Dwarktan would twear woo apwart if woo hit mwe. Hah Hahh!

DARN IT oh well I'm enjoying it


Go ahead and do whatever you want with the little noob. Oh of coarse I would tear that Tails apart dear Manny. Darktan Anator (don't laugh!) Chat with the Destroyer of Worlds Get a taste of REAL culture!

Weirdo *tears darktan apart for no reason* Tails6000

0_0 Woo cant put woo flippers trew the cwomputer! Swilly! Thwis is a bwog! Woo ahve to g to dwarktwonin welm swouth pwole cwity to attakck Dwarktan Thweangwol Anator (TRee Hee thats a cwool last name!) -Bochera Watt

Ninjinian's Problem[]

Tell me, boy. You've been sneakin' into Scoodlepeep now, haven't you, boy? And bullying me little bro', 'avent you now? Nobody likes a bully, Manny. Your a disgrace, Manny, A DISGRACE! If I catch you bullying me bro again, it's ON, brother! Of all the 16 problems I've read, your the biggest problem for me, brother. WATCH!

- Ninjinian (talk to me, Manny, and watch what I will do!)

I'm nawt scawed of dyou. I a bwave bwoy. Perseez will geet eet toomeerow. RAAWRRR. - Manny Peng

NATO's Problem[]

Socialism! That's our problem! Oh yes, the second probelm is YOU!. Yes you. --Signed by all the NATO members (Idoreconise, King Edward II, Penghis Khan and The Leader!)

Wahahahahahaha!! I was jwust pwacticing mwy evil waugh Dwarktwan sways evewy viwwan has won.

P.S. DWEAL WIT IT! -Manny Peng

Unknown Penguin's Problem.[]

如果你明白着靴子,我会跟风水兴谈一谈,然后你会走了。但是,如果你不会,然后我会把你。。。 KISS。



好了吗? 如果你好了,然后,我会等你在噢卡娃的门口。


为什么你很麻烦的? 为什么?



SWAY WAT?!?!?! -Manny Peng



I Twanswated it for woo, Mwabel is screamign at woo! Bad Mwabel! Scream exclaimation marks so he will suffer from it----------I mwean be nice? I wused pwoper engwis dwidnt I -Bochera Watt

-- Mwahahahaha! Abrc0X is EVIL!!!!! FEAR ME!!!
Abrc0X 04:34, April 15, 2010 (UTC) --

Freezer57181's Problem[]

My problem regards you but my problem IS NOT you. My problem is you are in jail. I want you out because you sound like a very cute Mwa Mwa Penguin. So convince Triskelle to let you out of jail. P.S. Could you please sing "Chocwates" for me? Freezer57181 Talk 2 Me!

Wes I agwee. Now I shwall swing!

Chocwits so twasty and sweet

Chocwates the cwandy I woves to eat

Chocwates weach and evewy dway

Wummy Chocwates evewy day!

Thwat was thwe fwirst vewse of chocwates! Hoped woo woved wit. -Manny Peng

Cat Zipadelli Jr's problem[]



Well, woo always cwould sway bwue. The tweacher always wikes bwue. Wait thwats me. - Manny Peng

Flystar's Problem[]

You want to guess what my problem is? It's RIGHT BEHIND ME! You have to BLACK OUT in order to see it!--His Majesty, the Almighty King of Flystonia Are you disobeying a DIRECT ORDER?!?My land... View this template

You, of course.

Fwystwar I am concwerned thwat woo nweed two jwoin mwy cwub!

-Manny Peng

Sam Rudi's question[]

Wait so when your Psyco Peng do you have perfect language because when you made that thing you now are using normal language so does that mean that now you wont do the "Hwi i wike chowate" or?

-Sam Rudi

LISTEN RUNT!! I am going to destroy you so I guess I can tell you Aaaaaaahhahaaahahahahaha!!! I switch randomly, but I can disguise as any one at anytime. -Psyco Peng

Willy's Problem[]

You know what MY problem is?! You Manny Peng. Only you could make me annoyed by sending me chocolate.

-Willy the Penguin

Good shot willy!!! *tosses peanut butter off to willy*


I awso swent woo Mwabel.

Manny Peng, you are annoying!

-- Mwahahahaha! Abrc0X is EVIL!!!!! FEAR ME!!!
Abrc0X 04:34, April 15, 2010 (UTC) --

Mectrixctic's Problem[]

Okay Manny, I am deathly afraid of tomatoes, and that is causing me to be unable to take over the world. Could you help me?

Ps. tell me how to get rid of my negative emotions too.


Run Manny!



I may have been or still be mad. But I did promise pictures of my trip.

Manny vs


Rodney vs

Uh oh!

Rodney vs

Goomba got owned.


We are Family.

Xorai's question[]

How can you talk like that all day? i tried that once and couldnt talk for a week! "hwi hwi hwi" eh, its so hard to say!

Jal's Problem[]

You, your in jail! I dont see why your in, you go to another universe, whats the big deal? but my real questions is, well your in jail.

PS: Fake pretend your not a bay bee and that'll FORCE mabel to let you out THEN BE A BAY BEE AGAIN! HAHAHAA! Cause if your not a baby then you would be cured and your in there till your cured i beive.


Thwis is advwertwisemwent. Pwace wours hwere.

Please visit Iwceator's Wordpwess bwog.

Hi Manny, this is Lettuce. I would like to tell you i'm starting a rock band and would like you, yes you, to join. -Lettuce40801

12yz12ab's Problem[]

MY PROBLEM IS YOU!--12yz12ab Buy An Invention (for 100000 coins)

Weallwy? Sowwy who fweel thwat way PLOOPY! -Manny Peng

CALL ME BY NAME, PLOOPY! AHAHAHAHA! (turns into weird mode)1 w1ll pwn y0u! MW4H4H4H4H4H4H4!--12yz12ab Buy An Invention (for 100000 coins)

Corai's Problem[]

MY problem is that Manny is in jail, DONT YOU DARE THINK IM A MWA MWA FANATIC!

0_o --Surray Yishran II (PIANO MUSIC IS THE BEST!)

Same here Corai, thats my problem to, despite him beign in Darktan's Army. --Xorai (I SHALL PREVAIL!)

Thwank woo fwors caring abwout mwe. Bwail mwe out. - Manny Peng

Nyan Nyan[]

Do you speak Nyan? --NyancatFlex217Nyancat

Patfan1's problem[]

Your my problem! I hate pookies and Mwa Mwa's like you!! *turns to Mwa Mwa mode* Do woo want dis chockwit? If woo do, thwen tell mwe, jwst swayin'. What dwoes mak woo pwone and vwunerable to Nummy cakes?--Patfan1(AKA Penguin87909) 23:40, June 27, 2012 (UTC)

Max's Problem[]

Okay, ENOUGH! Ya Know What, Pookies Aren't even supposed to have a blog!! Some Day Ur Gonna End Up Like "Mwe" I Mean... Me, Where An Anti-Mwa Mwa Society Is Underway! YOU Are The Problem Here!

Have A Nice Day, And Growing-Up Hopes To You, Max Sparkade