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Manley Ville
Manley Ville flag
The official flag of Manley Ville.
Manley Ville map
Manley Ville location on map.
Vital statistics
Type Capital city.
Level 400
Location Manley Province, Puffle'and
Inhabitants Puffles

Manley Ville is the biggest city, and the capital of Puffle'and. It was named after Puffle'and's first king - King Manley the First. The city is a great place for sightseeing, and seeing how puffles live in their own city. It is very similar to the pengin lifestyle, but everyday things are much smaller than the USA ones. The island's size is very similar, when comparing with Freezeland and Happyface State.

History and facts[]

This place was the first lone puffle settlement. It was finished in 1989, and since then puffles live there like in a city. The city is the richest one in Puffle'and, too! Most puffle laboratories are there, and the puffle government resides there, too! It is located in central part of the country, and it is a state itself, too! The city/state is the only state without access to the sea. In 2008, this city's population was estimated for about 20000 puffles and 10 penguins living there. It is about the half of whole Puffle'and population.


If you are sightseeing, you should visit some notable places in Manley Ville. The most famous one is the Palace, where King Manley the Second lives. Next to it is the parliament building. And the third one is the legendary Crystal Fountain, in the center of the city. According to the legend, the water in this fountain can restored your health, but only if you are seriously ill. If you're not, then it might make you very ill. Not many puffles believe it, but anyway the legend is a great bedtime story for younger puffles.The main airport that serves the city is called Manley Ville International Airport.