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The Glorious Republic Island Nation of Mankato
(Glorious? Says who?)
The only creatures living here now are the fishes.
1800? – 1920
Capital Mankato City
Language(s) English
Government Parliamentary republic,
 - 1919-1920 Mr. Khammk
Historical era Sometime before Olde Antarctica
 - Unknown Unknown
 - Unknown Unknown
 - Earthquake September 9, 1920
 - Tsunami September 10, 1920
 - Nation submerged underwater September 11, 1920
 - Remaining former citizens of Mankato retreat to mainland September 12, 1920
 - Earthquake, tsunami September 12, 1920
 - Unknown Unknown
Currency Coin
Today part of Weddell Sea

Manakato was a former island nation that was destroyed when it was wrecked by U.S.A. Forces


The history of Mankato has mostly been shrouded in mystery since most documents were either destroyed during the disaster or lost through time.




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