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Mandy X
Vital statistics
Title Mandy's X-Antibody
Gender Female
Race X Puffles
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Good
Level 100
Status Working with Nightmare
Location Nightmare
Occupation Nightmare's assistant
Interests Robert X, pain, evil, screaming
Friends Robert X, Nightmare, WishFlyX
Enemies Flywish, Flywish's Army, Darktan
Archetype Evil

Mandy X is the X-Antibody of Mandy. She is very evil.


WishFlyX bit Mandy and Bessie. Mandy coughed out Mandy X and she went off to join Nightmare. She quickly met Robert X and they quickly fell in love. They later got married. She later befriended WishFlyX despite him being in Darktan's Army. They later adopted a puffle child named Wenbay who was a Mwa Mwa Puffle. Mandy loved Wenbay, especially when she "grew up". Mandy X always bawled when Wenbay was mentioned or seen. Robert X also said: "Wenbay is a jerk and she is banished from our home forever!!!" Mandy X continued her life with Robert X and they later adopted another puffle named Jerrie. He was the evil one and always would attack Wenbay. Mandy X was very happy. She always made evil plans with Robert X. Some succeeded but some failed.

Evil plans[]


  • Destroy Darktan
  • Kidnap Xorai and torture him (success/fail, they both got injured)
  • Sneak into Flywish's Mansion and take his favorite vase (fail)
  • Poison Flywish a second time (fail)

With Robert X[]

  • kiss
  • Destroy Wenbay (fail)
  • Destroy Robert and Mandy (fail)





  • Robert X


She is very powerful and often beats up Jenni. Jenni always pwns her so if they ever go to war, Jenni could win. Jenni X also pranks her along with Gruff.


  • She is brown just like Mandy.
    • She also turns pink.
  • Degeneration X is very ood friends with her.
  • She is the only X-Creature in Nightmare's Army so far to be married to another member.
  • She thinks Surray is funny.
    • Despite the fact that Surray hates and fears her.
  • She hates Gruff
  • Zaplock squeezes her the wrong way and she ends up biting him every time.

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