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Malt Tiply Vieoh
The Hero!
Vital statistics
Title Most PWNsome Hacker in Redlink Abbey.
Gender Male
Race Lichenblossomese Nerd
Faction Redlink Abbey
Health 100%
Level 100
Status Awesome
Location Redlink Abbey

Malt Vieoh was one of the best hackers (the benign kind, not the malicious kind, mind you) in Redlink Abbey during late Colonial Antarctica.


Malt was born on a fateful day. That day, many things went wrong, including his name. Malt's parents wanted to name him "Matt", but the printer for his birth certificate malfunctioned, and they were stuck with a certificate that said "Malt".

Malt's parents were too lazy to get another certificate (SHAME), so they left the hospital, with a certificate saying Malt Tiply Vieoh. Everyone laughed at the newborn chick as they left.

For currently unknown reasons, his parents died. With no one to go to, he was brought to the local orphange. There he was bullied, A LOT. He was bullied for multiple reasons, including his name, his, and his frequent hyperventilating. Later in life, Malt was moved to Redlink Abbey, where he was still bullied. There, he only befriended three others -- Periwinkle, whom he had a crush on, Brother Teddinsworth, who encouraged him and fended off many of the bullies, and Mahshufellah, who was his mentor.

Malt used most of his day daydreaming. He was afraid of the bullies, so he locked himself in his room. He dreamed of being a hero, like Marvin the Hacker, and saving Redlink.

Malt, at the human equivalent of 13 years old, worked as a neophyte (i.e., beginner, for all you n00bs out there) computer hacker. He loved to play air hockey and foosball.

More coming soon.


More coming soon.


  • Malt's nickname was Malty, the Milkshake Guy.
  • Malt was an excellent gardener and had an uncanny knack for voice imitation.

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