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Mally O'Icicle
Mally image
Mally in his final hours, fighting for Freezeland
Vital statistics
Title Mally the brave, Captain of The Snowbourne Rangers
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Freezeland/Snowbourne Rangers
Health Deceased
Level Honoured
Status Deceased
Location His Grave

Mally O'Icicle is the hero of The Very Cold War. He joined the PSF/UTTP allaince until he realized he was fighting on the wrong side. His regiment,The snowbourne rangers, mutinied and mally bravely took responsibility for it and was sentenced to death.


Mally was born in Flurryville and lived in Snowbourne most of his life. He was 18 when he was drafted for the PSF/UTTP alliance. He knew he was fighting for the wrong side. He and his regiment, the Snowbourne rangers, mutinied. He took responsibility for the mutiny to save the other's lives and was killed in the battle of Chinook.


After the Snowbourne Rangers mutinied, he led them into many battles. He also led the rangers into the battle of Chinook which defeated the alliance, but took his life as well. He is considered Freezeland's greatest hero and the national anthem was written about him.


  • He wields a icicle that is so cold,it burns. He made a handle for it.
  • The National Anthem Of Freezeland was written about him and the Snowbourne rangers.
  • In honor of Freezeland, Mally's barevery, and possibly for a local profit, the makers of Ultra Penguin Baseball put Mally as a playable character. Triskille was thrilled about this.

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