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The Republic of Magyaria
Flag of Magyaria
MottoMi anyák büszkék arra, amit elértünk. (Our mothers are proud of what we have accomplished.)
Location of Magyaria
The Map of the Island.
Official languages Hungarian
Recognised regional languages German, Italian
Species  Magyar Viking Penguin, Penguins, and Puffles
Demonym Magyar
Membership CP Gold Coin Alliance, INA
Government Parliamentary Republic
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right

Magyaria is a small island country east of the Ninja Archipelago. It is another country that has been spared by Snoss Forces, but it is an ally of them.


The Isle of Magyaria was first inhabited by the nomadic Magyar Viking Penguin Tribes in 895 AD. They established towns and cities and established the country with a Monarchy that same year. The land was peaceful for many centuries until it tried to conquer the uninhabited isle of Osterreach in 1485, but the troops where driven out by Holyswissia Forces ten years later. The Island has also been attacked as well by Pengolia during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as well. In 1913, Khanzem invaded Magyaria and helped aid them take over more land. However, after the war ended, Khanzem had fallen and so did the Magyarian Government since Khanzem overthrew their King. Thus, the Country Adopted Communism and it became the official form of government until 1990, when STINC destoyed Olde Antarctica and overthrew Magyaria's Leader. A republic was formed as is still the country's Current Government. In 1996, Osterreach attempted to invade Magyaria which began a great war known as the Magyar-Osterr War that lasted until 2009, when Snowzerland took over Osterreach and Magyaria became an ally.


This is the Luda Castle, home of the Kings of Magyaria for many years. Notice it's Garden and its climate.

Like most of the nearby islands, Magyaria is a green country that is home to lots of Trees, bushes, and grass. However, it's still cold enough for penguins to live in. Magyaria in particular is unique because half of the island is made up of flat to rolling plains. There are also mountains in the western and northern parts of the island. The island has mild summers and Very cold winters that gets a lot of snow.


The Culture of Magyaria is very Slavic Related.


Magyarian Cuisine is based on Fish, Seasonal Vegetables, Fruits, Fresh Bread, and Cheese. They also love to make Soups and especially stuffed Pancakes. For Dessert, the Magyarians like pastries.


Magyarian penguins are not known for being fashion freaks but many like to stick to the latest trends. They greatly admire the fashions of Parie, Milano, and Zurich.

Relationships with Other Nations[]

  • Osterreach - Poor. They are bitter enemies because both of them tried to conquer each other.
  • East Pengolia - Good. They like each other for hating West Pengolia and for supporting Communism. (Even though Magyaria is no longer Communist, there is still a Communist Political Party in the country.)
  • Snowzerland - Good. Magyaria thanks them for conquering Osterreach.


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