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Magical Dream Fair
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Vital statistics
Participants Everyone, who likes to
Date 1 July-15 July, every year
Location Kirian Park

Magical Dream

Magical Dream is an intercontinental event fair that is held every year.

The event[]

Upon entering Club Penguin's Fall Fair, the Sapie Brothers began ranting about how something called "The World Fair" and how it was supposedly better than the Fall Fair. One penguin on vacation from South Pole City heard the rant and thought it would be a good idea to implement it in Antarctica. So she started the Magical Dream, with small exhibitions to entertain, at Kirian Park, The Zinc , South Pole City at 1 July to 15 July, 2007. Now it is held every year, and a new structure building. The First one was The Waves, the upcoming one is The Berg, modeled after an ice berg and a penguin waving, possibly the founder of the fair, Bingo, to celebrate the 10th Year.


The First Fair was a huge success, so a society called Magical Dream Fair Management Society was formed. The Chairman is (still now)Bingo.

There are approximately 500 exhibition Stalls and 10 quest stalls. Quests like Find the Mushrooms and The Windy Maze are very popular among the visitors.

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