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Madena Province
Madena Flag
Flag of Madena.
Madena map
The territory of it.
Vital statistics
Type Island Province of Puffle'and
Level 50
Location Eastern Puffle'and
Inhabitants Puffles in 100%

Madena Province is the only island province in the UK. It was the second province to join the UK. The island's climate is very warm, sunny, and dry, which is perfect for tourists. The island is surrounded by sand-filled beaches. The capital is Madena City, as well, as the only city in the province. Some retired puffles move there, to the Madena Retirement Resort located on the south of the island.


The island was founded in 1989, when the UK had already a one province. Firstly, it was King's private beach island, but he decded to save just a small house in the north-western part, while the rest is for the others. It joined the UK in December, 1989. It is still a very popular holiday resort, and lots of puffles come there for holidays every year. The point of its'greatness is left to this, that it is not polluted, and there are no penguins there. The province didn't allow Mabel to live in FIRST.


Madena is the main tourist site for puffles. The Puffle Museum, which shows the whole history of the UK is located in Costa Bloemme. The western parts of the island are unincorporated.


  • Madena City - The capital of Madena.

Tourist Areas[]

  • Costa Bloemme - Located in the eastern part of the province, a popular holiday destination. The Puffle Museum is located here.

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