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This article is about Maddieworld's full life story from age four to thirty two (her age now).

Age 4[]

Maddie's normal activities would be playing with friends, her teddybear, eating, and sleeping.

Maddie, playing with her bear: La la la la la...

Misty:Maddie, darling. Time to go to your private tutor in the library!

Maddie:Okay, mommy.

They waddled to the elevator and went up to the library on the top floor.

Tutor:Good after noon, Madison.

NOTE:Maddieworld's real first name was Madison. Maddieworld is the name she uses.

Maddie:Good afternoon, Mr. Vonhoosinghouse!

The Tutor and Me

Maddie with her tutor.

Tutor:I hope you had a nice steak and water for lunch, and had a lively recess! But anyway, today's lesson is learning how to do division!

Maddie:And uh, what the heck is that?

Tutor:Oh, it's quite simple! You know how one goes into two two times?

Maddie: Yeah.

Tutor:And division is figuring out how many times a number goes into another number! And any number divided by the same number is always one!

Maddie grabbed the stuffed division set (two dots and a line that was plush and light green) and tried to make a division sign.

Maddie: And it looks like this?


The bell rang.

Maddie: See ya tomorrow, Mr. Vonhoosinghouse.

Tutor:Have a good day, Madison!

Maddie and her mom waddled to the elevator to go to the ball pit. The elevator music played when they got on the elevator.

thumb|310px|right|The elevator Music that played

They got out of the elevator, on the room with the ball pit.

Maddie: CANNONBALL!!!!!!

Balls splashed everywhere! She was doing the backstroke in the ball pit when she saw her father right near her mother.

Maddie: DADDY!!!!

she does a doggy paddle across the ball pit and hugged her father.

Johnathan:Hey, sweetie! How was tutoring?\

Maddie:Oh, we learned division, the anatomy of a Kirbguin, lots of stuff!

Jumping to age 7[]

Maddie:Whaddaya wanna go today, Gary?

G:I'm not sure, Maddie. Maybe... try to save the world from Darktan?

Maddie:Yeah! Even though he's young, he can be one big pain in the butt.

G: Come on! Let's go!

And the crazy adventure was off to a start. They heared the elevator music, seen the unseeable, ATE A ROCK. Ok, that's probably Too Much INFO...

G: Darktan's probably in my basement.

Maddie:Um, your basement?!


Maddie:Let's go, weirdo..."


Age 12[]

Age 20[]

Age 31[]

It was some time during late August 2009 when Maddie flew into Zurich, Snowzerland for a peaceful vacation with G.

Maddie walking with G in the airport:"Wow! What a modern-looking airport!"

G:"Oh, yes. The Interior is made of great materials. It was all designed by Snowzerland's Leader, Swiss Ninja."

Maddie:"I've never heard of him."

G:"He's an interesting penguin actually. He's done a lot for Snowzerland."

Maddie and G strolling the old streets of Zurich: "The City itself has this unique style! I bought a bunch of clothes and I'm really satisfied with the trip."

G:"Zurich has very German-styled buildings."

Maddie:"I'm hungry...let's go to that cafe over there."

When they entered the cafe, they saw a crowd of penguins in the corner of the room who were all around Swiss Ninja.

G:"Perfect Timing! Swiss Ninja is here at this cafe! SN is a very social penguin, and he always likes company."

Maddieworld stared at him in wonder.

Maddie mumbled:"He's Handsome....a most charming figure! Sadly, I am only a normal penguin whom he probably doesn't care about...."

just then did Swiss Ninja glance at Maddieworld.

Swiss thought:"What do we have here? This is an angel standing in the room! I must talk to her!"

Swiss pushed through the crowd and approached Maddie, and he held her flipper to kiss it.

Swiss:"You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen..."

Maddie Blushed.

Swiss:"What is your name?"


Swiss:"Maddie, I may not even know you, but will you marry me?"

"Oh Yes!"

Maddieworld threw herself into Swiss Ninja's arms. It was the beginning of a new era.