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Madame Duasuts
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The outside of the building in South Pole City.
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Vital statistics
Type Wax museum
Level High
Location Worldwide
Inhabitants Wax figures of famous penguins.

'Madame Duasuts (pronounced: Doo-ay-suts) is a wax museum in many notable cities & states all over the world. The place has wax figures of many famous penguins. It was created in 2006 by wax sculptor, "Marie Duasuts", which the wax museum is named after. She started off selling wax figures, until a business man discovered her and created a museum. There are many penguins that help her create the wax figures. There are over 200 workers currently working for Madame Duasuts. There are many copies made of some famous penguins, however, for many important penguins, there is usually only 1 wax figure for those, and are especially rare, and have to be transported to other locations, but sometimes stay where they are! Some are made of gold-coloured wax.







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