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Madagascar Penguins
Madagascar Penguins image
Fear their awesome skillz with a Z!
Vital statistics
Title Private, Kowalski, Rico, and Skipper
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae)
Faction They are not affliated with any Agency... they formed their own.
Health Excellent (though they have been referred to as phycotic back home)
Status Just smiling and waving.
Location "You didn't see anything."[1]

A group of strange penguins that washed up on the shores of Eastsheild in 2005, then returned in 2009. They call themselves the Madagascar Penguins.


In 2005, several penguins witnessed them as they came in a gigantic boat, stood there for a few seconds and left. Later, in 2009, their plane crashed in the same spot they left!



Skipper is the leader of these strange penguins. He sees to be very bossy like Penghis Khan but he doesn't speak in third person. Some penguins believe he was a Khanzem, but others disagree. His role is leader of their elite penguin squad.


The smartest and tallest of the penguins, Kowalski forms plans for the group and usually takes notes for Skipper. His role is statistics and strategy.


Private is the speculated Rookie of the group. He doesn't seem as smart as some of the others and is most likely the youngest. He speaks with an British accent. His role is special operations.


Main Article: Rico
Rico was one of the four penguins that appeared with the large vessel. He mainly communicates with grunts and gestures, as he remainly mute most of the time. He appears to be the strongest, and seems to have the expirience of a Ninja. He seems to have a large supply of various tools and other objects in his gut which he coughs up if the group needs something for their missions. Some say he was trained by Pen Chi, or Sensei. Sensei denies it however, and Pen Chi is dead. His role is tools and explosives.


  • They are scarcely larger then Penghis Khan.
  • Private thinks he can use Penguin OS, but this was proven false by Skipper.

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