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Luzern, Lucerne
474px-Lucerne-coat of arms svg
The City's Coat of Arms
Country Snowzerland
Monuments Lucerne River Bridge, Luzern Telenacle
Headquarters City Hall of Lucerne
Neighbourhoods Downtown Lucerne, Buisness District
Mayor Rudolf Von Kernell
- rank by 2009:
Inhabited species Penguins, Arctic Terns, Puffles
General information
Native name Luzern
Foreign name Ternstadt
Demonym Luzernian
Founded 2009
- founder Arctic Terns
Time zone
- summer
Area codes

Lucerne (Luzern) or nicknamed Ternstadt is a beautiful city in Snowzerland. It is located on the North Side of Lake Zurich.

Geography and History[]

The area of the city of Lucerne was first occupied by arctic terns that migrated to the South to get the best fish. Those terns claim that the lake has the most delicious fish in the world. The city was along a lake, and the lake becomes as thin as a river at one point, which divides the city in half. The lake eventually thins out into a stream and deposits into other lakes. However, this place began to become populated by Penguins when Swiss Ninja discovered the island and began to build his cities. As the Cities of Zurich and Sankt Moritz continued to grow, penguins decided to settle in the area and start a new city. The city grew as the Terns and Penguins lived together in peace.


Lucerne is an important side-stop for those who are going off to Saint Moritz. Lucerne is one of the only cities where Terns and Penguins Live together, and is effective. Lucerne hopes to be an example for other countries, so that the same can be done in their towns. Luzern is also the home of Ponyo Penguin.


  • The Lucerne Telenacle - A True Work of Art made to produce and distribute electicity for the city.
  • Chavel Bridge - A Wooden Canopy Bridge that goes over the Luzern River. It takes Penguins to the other side of the city. It is the oldest remaining wooden covered bridge in Antarctica.
  • The Polar Bear Monument - A Polar Bear Sculpture carved out of a large rock that was commemorated to the Snoss Soldiers that were fighting in the Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War.



  • Because of it's unity, Luzern has decided to allow Mabel into the city, which she happens to come to often only to be bothered by Ponyo Penguin.
  • The Neue Luzerner Zeitung is the City's and Canton's Local Newspaper.
  • Lucerne also holds an annual International Cheese Festival.

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