Club Penguin Fan Universe
Lukasi I. Nuit
Vital statistics
Title General
Gender Male
Race Polar Bear
Faction LEEPB
Health Mentally crazy
Level Evil
Location -
Occupation General of Herbert's Army
Friends Herbert, LEEPB
Enemies PSA, EPF, You

Lukasi I.Nuit is one of several polar bears who migrated from the Arctic because of the damage humans were cuasing to the ice up there. They had been floating on icebergs for years and when they saw Antarctica they went to it. They lived in the wilderness from 2000 to 2006, when they found Herbert. Herbert gave them jobs in the LEEPB. Lukasi became general of Herbert's Army.


Lukasi was born in 1989. When he was only 6 years old, the Arctic ice was melting. His mother(unknown)took him on an iceberg. 5,000 more polar bears fled. They reached Antarctica in 2000, when Lukasi was only 13. The polar bears became nomads. In 2006, they found Club Penguin Island. When they met Herbert, their lives changed. They all joined the LEEPB and got jobs. Only six months after they joined, the PSA-LEEPB War began. Their greatest victory was when Viceroy Herbert P. Bear blew up the PSA's CP branch's HQ.



Lukasi is fat from eating to much McDoodle's. He loves burgers, unlike his Viceroy.

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