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Lua Hat
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Vital statistics
Type Hat, Power-UP
Effects It gives the user a sort of power, which maybe is free flying.
Source Paper and Milan
Location Margate Antarctica Islands
Cost to buy During the Halloween of any year, able to be purchased in $5 (MAI currency)
Cost to sell Mainly $6 or 600 coins

The Lua Mistikatamensuliweia (pronnouced Mis-tick-a-tar-men-sue-lee-we-ya) Hat, or just The Lua Hat is the national hat during Halloween in Margate Antarctica Islands.


Back in the olden days around 1989, when the island was founded, they celebrated halloween the normal-fashioned way. Then, at a park, an event concerning children to design a scary hat. Soon, one child who wanted to be known as "Bivens McFlorence" designed a hat, which later become the national hat for halloween today in MAI and certain countries.


The hat is coloured pure orange, with black and white stripes, like a merged tiger and giraffe as known from reports. It contains some pumpkins which covers the stripes, and with the letters of Melanium (not Millenium) language written by a few penguins. It reads "Hoga-Smoga Ven Laura" in sound of English, and translated correctly as "The Mistakatamensuliweia" in pure English. The name means "Horror Fright Night", which correcly matches the hat and event together.


  • A few Dianas wear the hat daily.

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