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Lowlaw Island International Airport
Vital statistics
Name Lowlaw Island International Airport
Native name Chub Adelie International Airport
Type of airport International airport
Hub for No airlines currently
Owned/Operated by National Airports Authority
Serves Lowlaw Island
Location Lowlaw Island
Runway Runway 2/20 (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 3/21 (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 11/29 (11,000 ft.) (Concrete)

Lowlaw Island International Airport or Chub Adelie International Airport (ACAO code: LLW )is a international airport on Lowlaw Island. It currently serves nine airlines, and is located 10 miles east of the city center. The airport has three runways, Runway 2/20 (10,000 ft.), Runway 3/21 (10,000 ft.) and Runway 11/29 (11,000 ft.). The airport also has one main terminal.


Terminal A[]

Concourse 1[]

  • SkyJet Airways: Club Penguin City , South Pole City-Metro,Polaris, Gemini, Newton Town.
  • StarJet: Club Penguin City, South Pole City-Metro,
  • Club Penguin AirFlights: Club Penguin City, Club Penguin Island, East Pengolia, West Pengolia, South Pole City-Metro.
  • Air Antarctic: Penguville, Glassyglow, Inland, Snellville, Pengu Town,.
  • Aer Frysland: Frostborough, Zürich, Chinook,
  • Pacifica Airlines: Zurich
  • Googolplex
  • CP Airways: South Pole City, Snellville, Seal Ville, Palm Island, Gentoo Island, Gemini, Satelite City, Newton Town Pengu Town.

Concourse 2[]


The airport has one terminal with fifteen gates. The airport has only five hangars which belong to the Law Island Flying Club. The airport serves 9 airlines, and many destinations. The airport has a small air traffic control tower (56 ft.) and airstairs instead of jetways. The airport also has one heliport, Heliport J-18. The airport also has a small baggage service and a small security checkpoint