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Love Island
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A picture of Love Island.
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level 100
Location Ocean
Inhabitants Love Flies

Love Island is a secret island found in the sea surrounding Antarctica. There are thousands of Love Flies living there. If its valentines day or any time between then and March, the island is lifeless due to all the Love Flies migrating to Antarctica. It has been called one of the most beautiful islands in the Antarctic Circle.


While not much is known about the background of Love Island, some explorers say they have found that the island is fairly new. Scientists estimate that an underwater volcano erupted in the year 1243, where a heart shaped island raised from the eruption. Explorers say that Love Flies came here even more recently: 1987. The Love Flies find the island a nice place to live, but come to Antarctica every Valentines Day.


There are several coves and forests. There are old temples suggesting that penguins once lived there, possibly being driven away by Love Flies. There is a few waterfalls that have crystal clear water. There is a mountain made entirely out of Pink Rock. The peak is in the shape of a heart with a smile and eyes painted on it There is a rocky beach with common pink stones to be found, with the occasional red and yellow as well. In February, pink, red, and yellow flowers grow everywhere and the island smells of chocolate and flowers, giving it a valentines feel.

There is also the orange space, known as the "No Love Zone" or "Hate Zone". This place is dark and spooky, and Dark Love Flies swarm here often. It never rains, and there is a large volcano that erupts, spewing Hot Sauce everywhere. All Love Flies fear this area, and the Hot Sauce showers cause red clouds to appear, causing Hot Sauce rain.


Love Flies seem to be the only living creatures here. Love Fruit, a delicious fruit that can be used to create a love potion can grow here. Penguins sometimes explore this place, and Dark Love Flies can be seen flying around the "No Love Zone".


There are not many villians at Love Island, except maybe "Black Love Flies", who are evil no matter what.


There are many resources: Trees, Love Fruit, and clean water.


  • It is a popular spot for Valentines Day.

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