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Lost Weaponary
Vital statistics
Participants Skeletal, Corai, Swiss Ninja, Warbots, Skeletal's Army, Robert Hun, Robert Hun's Army, North Conian Trading Company, SkeleMaster, Akbaboy
Date 2010, February 1st
Location Across Antartica

Lost Weaponary was a battle between Robert Hun's Pirate Mitila, Chi Con's North Conian Trading Company, Skeletal's Army, and SkeleMaster's forces. It was a goose chase as well, as SkeleMaster was out to stop Skeletal before he could do soemthing stupid.

The event[]

Prolouge: A Skeleton's plans[]

The Story awakes to a Skeleton planning to find a certain lost staff to crush all who opposes him. A skeleton wlaks up and questions one of his plans, to invade and destroy Chi Con to find it, the poor skeleton finds a snowbullet in his head in a second.

"NEVER QUESTION MY PLANS!" screams Skeletal, the other skeletons run. The wounded one falls, free from Skeletal's control.

Meanwhile, in Chi Con.

"Corai, my friend, are you sure you dont want this Holler Repeater?" said Robert Hun

"Yes, I am sure"

"Gah, I can never find anyone who wants this Unkown Relic"

"Oh, Ill take it then" said Corai holding it then putting it into a safe.

"Bye Now" said Robert Hun disappearing.

"This Holler Repeater may be useful someday, hmmm, I should go put this away now"

"Yeahhh....put it awya before you acciently shoot it...." said Surray



"Guess not"

A Kaiser's Plans[]

One of Swiss Ninja's spies comes into his castle's throne rooms, bows before Swiss, and reports what he found.

"Kaiser! I have heard of Robert Hun and Corai speaking of a weapon, a "Lost Staff" of much power!" Said the spy urgently.

"Much Power, hmmmmm, since Im already powerful, a staff of much power will make me UNSTOPPABLE! Where did they say it was?"

"Its lost...."

Another spy came in, with Candy Sword marks and a snowbullet in his right flipper.

"Sir! Skeletal is setting out to fight a lost staff of mu-"

"I HEARD ABOUT THE STAFF! Where are they going?"

"Across Antartica"

"What about Robert?"

"Him too"

"Dispatch the Warbots, were going to get thta staff"

"YES SIR!" siad the two spies.

Chapter Two: March![]

Chapter Three:A Skeleton's search[]

Chapter Four: Battle of Hawk's Cove[]


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