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Lord Fishstick
Lord Fishstick
Its odd that he's a fish but walks on land
Vital statistics
Title King of the Ocean Surface
Gender Male
Race Angler-Fish
Faction PSA base
Health Good
Level High
Status Investigating
Location PSA base

Lord Fishstick is an Anglerfish that somehow got on land. He amazes Fred and G, but only G is friends with him. The same thing can't be said about Lord Fishstick, as he has limited emotions.


Lord Fishstick was born on the bottom of the ocean, where most Angler Fish come from. After many months, he had became full-grown. He, one day, was looking for a tasty Deep-Sea Mullet to snack on, when an underwater volcano erupted and he was shot up to the surface. It confuses G how this works, but when he hit the top the water the current pulled him to a shore of the USA. He could breath air perfectly! He soon became good friends with G (penguins do not find angler-fish tasty). He was crowned King of the Ocean for his amazing ability to breath air and still be able to inhale water through his gills.


Lord Fishstick is currently a top-notch PSA agent. He knows of the EPF and has helped on many crime-scenes. Being a very large Angler-Fish,he doesn't exactly fit in right when you think of the PSA.


  • Penghis Khan once picked him up and used him to smack somebody. Penghis Khan
  • When he's not a PSA agent, he is usually a Politician.
  • Many chicks and Mwa Mwa Penguins are afraid of him. If they aren't afraid of him, they are amazed of his light.
  • He, instead of wearing a traditional PSA uniform, wears a purple robe with some yellow stripes.
  • He can't love nor fall in love.

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